Online Course


Online Course


The Online Course offers you an insight on how to deal with guilt trips as they come along, to get interested in why you are agreeing to things that you don't want to, and how to identify where the pressure is coming from. 

It also gives you some fantastic insights into the relationships and roles that you play in your life, and gets you to create each one again the way that you want it, and how to start to change those immediately.

Contents of the course include:

  • Week One: Introduction

An introduction to the course, an explanation as to why it is important to get rid of the guilt and start living life your way.

  • Week Two: Follow The Trail

This part of the course will focus on what to do when you have that guilt trip, and how to start getting curious about how it got there.

  • Week Three: Check Your Compass

Here's where you will start to look at how the relationships and roles in your life have been influencing the decisions and choices you make.   

  • Week Four: Finding Trusted Signposts

Now you know which roles are triggering most of the guilt, you can identify the steps you can take to get control back.  This is about defining what you want your life to look like, and then how to get there. 

  • Week Five:  Conclusion and Affirmation

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