SIGNED - Journey Through The Guilt Trip Book


SIGNED - Journey Through The Guilt Trip Book



Guilt is not a simple emotion to live with.  No-one wants to talk about it, no-one wants to admit having it and everyone avoids dealing with it.  


But holding onto guilt can lead to:

·      Anxiety

·      Depression

·      Low self-confidence

·      Low self-worth

·      Grief

·      Abuse and trauma (including self-harm and substance abuse)


All can have their origins in feelings of guilt and shame, the slow drip-feed of self-doubt and self accusation that makes you feel less than.  The Journey Through The Guilt Trip is your way to take back control and gain the freedom to live the life you were meant to lead.


In this book, Lee Lam takes you through what guilt really is, how to create a positive and meaningful relationship with it, and how to design your life and the choices you make so that it brings you joy, happiness and a sense of fulfilment that you cannot get by living to someone else’s expectations.

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