“When I contacted Lee I was trapped in a very dark emotional place with a big box full of multiple complex issues in both my personal and professional life. I cannot thank Lee enough for enabling me to find emotional clarity, self worth, confidence, control of my emotions, acceptance and most importantly my voice. She has given me skills and techniques to live a happier life. Helping me to feel free and be who I am. Lee is warm, calm, strong, insightful. Lee is non-judgemental and has always made me feel safe during our sessions. I leave feeling empowered and cocooned with positivity when I see Lee and I look forward to continue working with her.”
— VB, Kent

Online Course

The Online Course offers you an insight on how to deal with guilt trips as they come along, to get interested in why you are agreeing to things that you don't want to, and how to identify where the pressure is coming from. 

It also gives you some fantastic insights into the relationships and roles that you play in your life, and gets you to create each one again the way that you want it, and how to start to change those immediately.

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Please join the Journey:

1 to 1 Sessions

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Sometimes the guilt you feel seems impossible to shift, and you need extra support, guidance and encouragement to get through it. I am able to work with you 1 to 1 in an hour long session that will get you start to think about the role guilt plays in your life, and work with you to form some strategies to get rid of them. While a lot can be done in one session, the most effective way to begin living guilt free is an intensive program of 1 to 1 sessions aimed at supporting and encouraging you through some very sensitive circumstances. These sessions create an environment where you can be completely honest, feel completely safe, and free to explore what guilt means to you, how it is affecting your life and what choices you really want to make.

If there are circumstances in your life that feel difficult to navigate on your own, these personal sessions are a great way to feel that you are not doing it all by yourself and that someone has got your back.

I offer individual sessions, or a 1 to 1 program of 6 sessions if you feel that the guilt runs deep, and that you are concerned about what may come up - that's understandable... remember, if you have been living with guilt for a long time, your ability to trust yourself and your ability to get past it may just not be there right now - that's okay, I TRUST YOU.  We can work together and get rid of the guilt once and for all, and if you can't trust yourself, trust me instead.  If you think one to one sessions are the way forward for you, please contact me for a chat.  So I am totally transparent, this is the most expensive option and I am careful to only work with those who I believe will gain the most from working in such a way, so that the investment is absolutely worth it.  It is also why you will see a number of different products at different prices, so you get the same great support and content, but you have the option of additional support as you need it.