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If you have questions about any of the Journey Through The Guilt Trip Program, or would like to discuss your specific requirements, then please use the form below and I will get back to you as soon as possible.


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Speaking Engagements

Following on the success of my book, Journey Through The Guilt Trip, I am available to speak to your team, group or event on the subject of guilt.

My keynote focuses on the ability to distinguish between productive and destructive guilt, and offers insights into how to design your life and the parts you play, so they benefit and empower you.

Each talk can be tailored to a specific audience and delivers practical and inspiring information about a difficult subject in an easy to understand way.

Please contact me to discuss specific requirements.

Webinars and Events

Talking about guilt is useful, but can sometimes be difficult to understand how it may apply to your particular situation and circumstances. I’ve designed a range of webinars that tackle more specific scenarios where guilt gets triggered, to provide background, tips and guidance on how to get rid of the guilt trip and get on with life.

Sometimes you need something specific, more adapted to your particular situation. An exciting range of webinars have been created, so you can not only hear about guilt in general, but more importantly specific to the type of guilt you may be experiencing in your own life.. They cover topics such as:

  • Preparing To Parent Without Guilt

  • Managing Your Working Mum Guilt

  • Guilt Within Relationships

  • With many more to follow

All webinars are recorded so you can listen to them live or whenever works for you.

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While creating a work life balance are being accepted, there is still a lot of stigma, false assumptions and unrealistic expectations surrounding women who strive to achieve the perfect balance. The pressure to perform at your best at home and in work is relentless and can make any success you do achieve feel hollow, as it feels that it has come at a price.



Making a relationship work takes effort.  But that effort has to be equal to make it keep working.  It can be hard when relationships take on an uneven power balance and guilt is one of the main tools used to maintain control over someone else.  So how do you recognise it in your own relationship and what do you do about it?